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General application procedures

1.Study more about the university and the program

Get university and program information andread details before start your application.

2.Make a plan of study

Make a decision on which programs and whichdegree you are going to apply, and your plan after you graduated as well.

3.Start your application

Start your application either by yourselfor get help from agents.

4.Provide application documents

Prepare the necessary documents you mayneed when applying, eg. transcripts, diploma, passport, etc. Please note youdon’t need to prepare all documents at one time, you can firstly provide thedocuments you already got.

5.Pay the application fee

Please note most of China universitiesrequire application fee (about RMB400-800) before admission result can be made,so remember to complete the payment to keep you in a waiting list.

6.Get the result

Usually it takes 2-4 weeks to get theadmission result after the University receive your application.

7.Prepare your travel to China

If your application is successful, you canprepare your visa application, accommodation arrangement and flight booking inadvance.

8.Arrival and registration

Students should complete the registrationprocess on time, bring with original offer letter and other required documentsas stated on the offer letter. Late arrival should notify the university inadvance, otherwise the university might cancel your place.

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